What is NVMe?

What is NVMe?

It stands for Rapid Non-Volatile Memory (NV) is a new storage access and transfer protocol for flash drives and the next generation of solid-state drives (SSDs) that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response times to date for all types of enterprise workloads.

Today, in both consumer and business applications, users expect faster response times, even as the applications themselves become more complex and resource dependent.

The NVMe specification makes use of non-volatile memory in all types of computing environments. It is future-adjustable, and scalable to work with persistent memory technologies that have yet to be invented.

NVMe Benefits for storing data #

It’s time to use NVMe storage in your enterprise data center because it saves time.

  • Unlike protocols designed in the days of mechanical hard drives, NVMe makes use of not only solid-state storage, but also multi-core CPUs and gigabytes of memory.
  • NVMe storage also makes use of simplified command sets for efficient data analysis and processing.
  • It also ensures that you do not lose data that was caused when the previous hard disks were corrupted.
  • No need to remind you either of how fast you will get when you use NVMe

Should you buy an NVMe SSD? #

Whether you need higher speeds is up to the specific workload. But while NVMe drives come down in price — the NVMe Samsung 970 Pro and SATA Samsung 860 Pro are about $150 at 500GB — don’t feel like you need to rush and replace a SATA SSD.

A SATA SSD will actually boot up your computer in a few seconds, launch programs in a jiffy, and let you copy and transfer files relatively quickly. But if you’re working with a lot of huge videos – whether it’s from a database, video editing, or Blu Rays ripping – the extra cost can pay off by allowing you to work faster.

Whether you still have some life on a SATA SSD or need something right now, just know that NVMe drives are starting to run low. Upgrade and spend money when you need to, not a moment ago.


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